Breakfast Wraps

These have been a huge hit in our household. They’re super easy, quick and affordable to make.

1. Chop vegetables + microgreens. In this version I used pea shoots and cherry tomatoes but I’ve done them with arugula, cheese, mushrooms, etc. The combinations are endless.

2. Mix eggs (2/wrap). This is a great step to include the kids on. If you’re short on eggs you can add a splash of milk to stretch. Season to taste.

3. Put a little olive oil in two pans and heat on on medium.

4. Sauté greens + vegetables

5. Pour eggs into pan. Immediately press in tortilla. Wait 2-3 minutes. *If you’re doing multiples the wait time between each will be shorter as the pan is quite hot.

6. Flip & wait. Approximately 2 minutes. 7. Transfer to cutting board & add microgreens/vegetables

8. Roll - Cut - Serve


  • Pea Shoots

  • Eggs

  • Tortilla Shells

  • Cherry Tomatoes

  • Olive Oil

Got a favourite combination of your own? Please share!

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