Home Delivery

Our home delivery service gives you access to fresh, organic microgreens and shoots harvested within hours of delivery and brought right to your door every week. Order as needed or sign-up for our four week subscription for priority access to product selection and exclusive product offerings.  

Always in Season

Our commitment is to deliver fresh local greens so that you and your family can enjoy flavourful, nutrient dense microgreens and shoots 365 days a year. 

Bonus Bites

As members of Wilder home delivery you get first choice on the week's harvest in addition to priority access to new product releases & small-batch offerings. 

Guaranteed Fresh

We'll always harvest on the day of delivery to ensure you're receiving the freshest possible greens in 100% plant based packaging. You can expect a minimum 12 day shelf life on all of our greens.

How it Works

  1. Send an e-mail to eat@wilderacres.ca with the number of packages you'd like to receive each week.

    • The minimum order to join the program is 2 orders/week & a 4 week commitment.

    • Pricing is $5/unit for either 40g of microgreens or 65g of shoots.

    • You can mix and match products and change your selections each week. For example 2 orders/week: Price $40. Week One: Pea Shoots + Kale Microgreens, Week Two: Brassica Mix + Radish Microgreens, Week Three: Double Order Pea Shoots, Week Four: Sunflower Shoots + Pea Shoots.

  2. We'll follow-up with details on the start date of the next cohort, product options, delivery times and your invoice. 

  3. Send back your selections & hangout at home while we grow you some tasty greens. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which areas do you deliver to? 

    • We currently deliver to Milton, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Waterdown, Hamilton, Guelph, and Toronto. If you're outside of this area please send an e-mail to eat@wilderacres.ca and we'll see if we can accommodate your request. If it's not immediately viable we'll keep a list and let you know as soon as there's enough interest to support delivery to your area. 

  2. I want to join the program but am going to be away for a week. Can I still be a part of this? 

    • Totally. Just let us know a week in advance and we'll credit you another drop-off at a future delivery date. 

  3. What if I only want one container/week?

    • You're always welcome to come pick-up an order. Please send an e-mail to eat@wilderacres.ca and we'll let you know when our next harvest is. While we'd love to be able to accommodate single order delivery, it's currently not viable for us to drive out and make deliveries of that size. Please join our e-mail list; as the farm expands this may be an option that we'll add in the future. 

  4. Something came up and I can't be home for my delivery time. What can we do?

    • Life happens, we get it. Please let us know via text, call or e-mail as soon as possible. We'll do our best to work out another drop-off time. If we can't get something lined up, you're always welcome to pick up your order at a time that works best for you. 

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