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We're super excited to announce the launch of our Buckets of Blooms program. Each bucket will have enough flowers, fillers and foliage for you to play with to create beautiful bouquets.

The blooms will be available from July to early September. It's $20/week including delivery. The full subscription is 10 weeks, however you can choose do as few as you'd like. If there's any extra flowers at the beginning or end of the season subscribers will have first dibs to purchase.

Delivery Areas: Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Mississauga and Toronto. Don't see your location? Send an e-mail to eat@wilderacres.ca and we'll see if we can add you to the route.

Sign-up by sending an e-mail to eat@wilderacres.ca with your address and the number of weeks you'd like as well as an e-transfer to eat@wilderacres.ca for the total # of weeks X $20.

What will we be growing?

Zinnias, Cosmos, Queen Anne's lace, Dahlias, Sunflowers, Larkspur, Black Eyed Susan and more.

I look forward to growing for you.

We're super stoked to be back at some fall markets. Please see the details below and come say hi if we'll be in your community. If you know of any other markets you think we should be a part of please share!

Connon Nurseries - Fall Market

656 Robson Road, Waterdown Ontario L0R 2H1


September 12 (9-1)

September 19 (9-1)

September 26 (9-1)

October 3 (9-1)

October 10 (9-1)

Rockton Farmer's Market

812 Old Highway 8, Rockton Ontario L0R 1X0

September 10 (3-7)

September 17 (3-7)

September 24 (3-7)

October 1 (3-7)

These have been a huge hit in our household. They’re super easy, quick and affordable to make.

1. Chop vegetables + microgreens. In this version I used pea shoots and cherry tomatoes but I’ve done them with arugula, cheese, mushrooms, etc. The combinations are endless.

2. Mix eggs (2/wrap). This is a great step to include the kids on. If you’re short on eggs you can add a splash of milk to stretch. Season to taste.

3. Put a little olive oil in two pans and heat on on medium.

4. Sauté greens + vegetables

5. Pour eggs into pan. Immediately press in tortilla. Wait 2-3 minutes. *If you’re doing multiples the wait time between each will be shorter as the pan is quite hot.

6. Flip & wait. Approximately 2 minutes. 7. Transfer to cutting board & add microgreens/vegetables

8. Roll - Cut - Serve


  • Pea Shoots

  • Eggs

  • Tortilla Shells

  • Cherry Tomatoes

  • Olive Oil

Got a favourite combination of your own? Please share!


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